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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Mother

On 3rd of July, 2010, Ronaldo-cr7  announced on his facebook page that he had become a father. His First child was actually a son but no one knows who is the mother of this child. He named his first son after his own name Cristiano Ronaldo Junior.

Authorities say that ronaldo-cr7 had a one-night-stand with a poverty-stricken American server. The Portuguese footballer is said to have paid the girl £10 million. He gave amount so that she keep her character a mystery and hand the infant over to his family.

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Ronaldo Jr’s mother’s identity is a mystery

Here’s what we know.

  1. Ronaldo paid her 10 m pounds to keep her identity secret and some sources claim he looks after her financially.
  2. She’s never allowed to have any kind of contact with Ronaldo Jr.
  3. She was an English/American waitress whom Ronaldo had a one night stand with during his Manchester United days.

4.After the one night stand, she realized she was pregnant. Afterwards, she tracked Ronaldo via his agent Jorge Mendes. Ronaldo asked her to conduct a DNA test and, the results were positive.

  1. She was a catholic, so abortion was not an option. Therefore, credit to Ronaldo he accepted that, took responsibility of Ronaldo Jr and, announced the world via fb that he’s a father.
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Cristiano Ronaldo Twin Babies:

Till then Ronaldo only had one son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Then over just five months in 2017 — the amount was four.


While we know his current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to his youngest bub. Hence, the other two mothers of his children remain a mystery.

In June 2017, he had twins via a surrogate that are Eva and Mateo Ronaldo. Just like their older brother, the one-year-old twins were born in San Diego.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not share any reason that why he chose a surrogate mother. But, he is simply grateful that he now has twins,” a rep for the soccer star said in 2018.

Then just a month later, Ronaldo announced that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was pregnant with his fourth child.

ronaldo twin babies cr7 stream
cristiano ronaldo family

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