In the latest match between Juventus and Porto, Juventus have it all that they wanted to do in the Champions League last-16 tie against Porto. To get the positive results, Andrea Pirlo’s side traveled to Portugal. But the results were totally different and they did a very poor performance as they were beaten by 2-1. As Rodrigo Bentancur handed Porto the lead after 61 seconds. After 20 seconds of Half-time, they were 2-0 down as Moussa Marega found the net.


Juventus were totally very disappointed with their performance and appearance although Federico Chiesa scored a vital away goal late on for Juventus. Frankly saying they actually played very poor and they deserved this defeat. Throughout the play, Cristiano Ronaldo7 was totally speechless and did not even say a word. We can say that it was not the night of this Legend, Ronaldo7 as e sometimes go frustrated.

But the 61st minute made Ronaldo7 more frustrated when Juventus were 2 goals down and Ronaldo7 skipped over a challenge and ran at Porto’s goal but this was saved by none other than his owns team member Alex Sandro. He blocked Ronaldo7 and allowed Porto’s player to goal.


It is Just Hilarious….

Beln Sports correspondent, Tancredi Palmeri, Tweeted this video and it goes viral on Twitter and it got 5k retweets at the time of writing.

In the post-match interview, Pirlo showed his disappointment

“Porto has often played like that in the Champions League but we allowed them to play the way they wanted. We had to move the ball quicker and better,” he said, per

“Porto were closing spaces in the middle and we had to use the flanks more. It’s not easy, however, when the ball does not move quickly enough.”

Juventus needs to improve their performance when they again stand against Porta for their second leg next month. But if they do the same as they did on Wednesday night then it is going to be very difficult for Juventus to reach the Quater-Finals.

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