Over the decade these two, Cristiano Ronaldo7 and Messi had become so famous. They significantly parted the spectators in two halves, the ronaldo7 lovers and the Messi lovers. Due to this, both of them are being judged with respect to each and every metric possible. Basically, their careers are linked with each other as they both are the TOP PLAYERS of soccer.

When we talk about being fouled, then according to the rough estimates of the recent years we came to know that  Messi has more fouls than our beloved ronaldo7. During the La Liga campaign (2020-21), Messi fouled 2.8 times per game, and in Serie A ronaldo7 fouled only  1.4 times per game.

One more Statics needs to be looked out for with fouls that are ‘how many times the player dribbles during a game?’ this mostly leads to fouls being committed by opposition players. During this season, Messi completes 4.5 dribbles per game while Ronaldo only completes 1.8. So, we can analyze that from the number of dribbles that Argentina is more likely to be involved in a situation to actually be fouled.



Minutes played16721542
Fouled P902.81.4
Dribbles P904.51.8
Duels Involved P9014.48.4


 In the respective league, neither of the players had been called the most fouled player of the league. In La Liga, Nabil Fakir is the most fouled player while Josip Ilicic is the most fouled player in Serie A.

From the above table, we get to know that Messi has been involved in more duels thus, could be involved in more fouls than ronaldo7.


– cr7 stream